Only the best is good enough.

A significant part of the success of a production, is based on the quality control in various stages. Our partners, in cooperation with international organizations such as TUV and SGS, closely follow all the production stages, to ensure the established quality standards and pre-arranged timetables are kept. This consistency on our behalf has led to long term partnerships with our clients. More specifically, we progress each project that we produce in four separate stages: Commencing with the clients briefing, we Start searching for possible solutions and The evaluation of costs compared to quality Standards, so we can make the best suggestion.

In the second face, we propose specific materials /Products, in a full presentation that includes the Schedule of production (imports are consid ered as well) and delivery as well as costs.

Then follows the production of a sample that is submitted for approval and/or amendments. The Accepted Quality Level of the finished product are also established at this time (AQL).

The final stage after approval is the mass pro duction, during which, a set of preestablished controls are carried out during all stages, in collaboration with international quality certifi cation organizations such as TUV and SGS.